Roller Chains Engineered Solutions

Direct Conveyors can provide a wide range of engineered solutions with standard components.

Please reach out directly to the factory for assistance with your material handling application.


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Direct Conveyors can provide custom Fixturing, Tooling, or Carriers to Attachment Chain Conveyors.

With supplied part models, we will design, manufacture, and mount the fixturing onto the conveyor before it is shipped


74 Series Multi Lane Attachment Roller Chain Custom Slat Block Fixture Direct Drive Steel Stands 74 Sereis Dual Lane Attachment Roller Chain Custom Fixtures 74 Series Attachment Roller Chain Custom Slat Fixtures


Custom Lane Spacing

Roller Chain Conveyors are frequently used with multiple lanes driven by one drive.

We are capable of mounting multiple lanes together on custom centers to fit part dimensions.

Two lanes are most common, but more lanes can be added when multiple conveyor widths ae needed.


74 Series Custom Mulit Lane Attachment Roller Chain 74 Series Custom Multi Lane Roller Chain 74 Series Multi Lane Roller Chain

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