About Us

About Us

Direct Conveyors is a company with a robust focus on offering effective solutions for various conveying applications. Their approach goes beyond merely providing products; they actively engage in understanding the unique challenges faced by their clients and employ innovative concepts to tackle these challenges head-on.


Since its inception in 2006, Direct Conveyors has been a prominent player in the industry. Headquartered in Franklin, Indiana, they operate from a substantial 35,000 square feet facility, allowing them to maintain complete control over the assembly process of all their products. This emphasis on internal assembly underscores their commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards.


Direct Conveyors boasts a noteworthy specialization in designing low profile conveyors and possesses an in-depth understanding of efficient material handling techniques. This specialization equips them to manage intricate tasks associated with the seamless handling of diverse parts, reflecting their competency and credibility.


One of their notable strengths lies in striking the right balance between delivering products of exceptional quality while also ensuring that these solutions are cost-effective. This duality is pivotal in catering to a wide range of clients who seek both reliability and budget-consciousness.
Their portfolio of low profile conveyors stands out as one of the most comprehensive in the industry. This extensive range signifies their dedication to providing versatile solutions that cater to the diverse needs of different industries. Clients have the flexibility to choose from a selection of standard conveyors or opt for custom-designed solutions tailored to their specific requirements


At the core of their mission is the enhancement of client productivity and operational efficiency. By offering innovative conveyance solutions, Direct Conveyors strives to optimize their clients' workflows, potentially leading to reduced operational costs and increased overall efficiency.
Customer satisfaction is a paramount focus for Direct Conveyors. Their customer-centric approach is rooted in making the process of acquiring the right material handling solutions as seamless as possible. This customer-oriented strategy is instrumental in establishing lasting relationships and fostering trust


Direct Conveyors firmly commits to surpassing customer expectations across all facets of their operations. This commitment extends beyond the products they offer and encompasses the entirety of their interactions with clients. Such dedication sets the stage for building enduring partnerships and a reputation for excellence.


For those grappling with material handling challenges, Direct Conveyors extends an open invitation for dialogue and collaboration. This accessibility underscores their willingness to engage with potential clients, understand their needs, and provide suitable solutions


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