74 Series Roller Chain Conveyors employ either #50 or #60 chain. These conveyors can be configured with a single lane or a dual lane setup, providing the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of product widths or lengths. Each conveyor unit is meticulously pre-assembled and tested before shipping, guaranteeing exceptional quality.


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Key Features and Components:


Heavy-Duty Handling: This conveyor style is suitable for transporting heavy loads and bulky items, making them ideal for industries such as manufacturing, automotive, and warehousing.


Durability: Designed with robust rollers and a sturdy chain, contributes to longevity and reliability in demanding environments.


Customization: Customizable to accommodate various load sizes, shapes, and weights. They can also be integrated with other conveyor systems for complex material handling processes.


Versatility: Used in a wide range of industries and applications, from assembly lines and distribution centers to foundries and mining operations.

74 Series Roller Chain

General Information 

  • Standard Frame Width: 96mm (3.8”)
  • Standard Chain Options: #50 or #60
  • Standard Lengths: 585mm (23”) to 11,00mm (433.1”)
  • Multiple Lane Single Drive Options Available
  • Available in No Drive, End Drive, or Direct Drive Configurations
  • Holds Loads up to 800 lbs.
  • Speeds up to 300 FPM, Variable or Fixed Speed Options Available


Frame Information 

  • Base Frame 74mm Extrusion
  • 48mm x 74mm Anodized Aluminum Frame
  • Dual 8.1mm T-slots along the Frame allowing for ease of mounting Stands, Side Rails, and Accessories
  • Strong Profile Ladder Frame Construction (prevents frame twisting)
  • HDPE Wear Strips
  • Cast Mount Bearings
  • Sealed Bearings and Longer Holders (more take up)
  • Metric Fasteners

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