AMR Stations

Direct Conveyors offers AMR services which extend beyond Toppers.

Complete material handling solutions are available to facilitate the movement to and from the AMRs.

These services include Operator Stations, Fixed Load Stations, Over/Under Elevator Systems, Side-by-Side Transfer Systems, and tailored material handling solutions required for your project.


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Fixed Stations

Fixed Stations are employed for depositing or retrieving products for queuing or storage, and frequently serve as a transfer point for handoff to a Fork Truck.


AMR 250 2 Bar Lift Dock Station Side View AMR 60/90 Two Bar Load in Position


Over/Under Stations

Over/Under Systems are effective for staging products within a robotic cell, enabling a blend of AMRs and operators to work in conjunction.


AMR Over Under Front Angle View AMR Over Under Side View


Side-by-Side Stations

Side-by-Side Systems are employed to circulate a Pallet around a loop, typically returning it to the AMR.


AMR Side by Side Operator Station AMR Pallet Loop with 2 Lane AMR Topper

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