48 Series Indexing Timing Belt Conveyors employ AT10 Timing Belts equipped with M4 threaded inserts, enabling the incorporation of fixtures. This conveyor design is exceptionally suited for scenarios demanding precise indexing and accurate product positioning. Timing Belts feature Steel wire reinforcement and v-guiding, ensuring robustness, strength, and exceptional belt tracking. The belts necessitate minimal tensioning, contributing to heightened process reliability and straightforward, cost-effective maintenance. Tailored profiles or fixtures can be specifically designed to align with the requirements of your application. Each conveyor unit is meticulously pre-assembled and tested before shipping, guaranteeing exceptional quality.


Key Features and Components:


Timing Belt: Like standard Timing Belt Conveyors, Indexing Timing Belt Conveyors utilize a toothed Timing Belt to drive the movement of items. The Timing Belt's teeth correspond to the notches on the conveyor's pulleys, ensuring precise and synchronized movement.


Pulleys: Specialized pulleys are employed in the Indexing Timing Belt Conveyor to engage with the Timing Belt's teeth. These pulleys control the conveyor's movement and enable the precise positioning of items.


Control Capability: The control capability stands as a vital element that oversees the indexing motion of the conveyor. Depending on the required accuracy for the specific application, standard motors or Servos are frequently employed.


Precision Positioning: Indexing Timing Belt Conveyors excel in accurate positioning and synchronization of items, ensuring consistent alignment for assembly, inspection, and packaging processes.


Versatility: These conveyors are adaptable for various industries, accommodating different product sizes, shapes, and weights.


Reliability: The positive engagement between the Timing Belt and the pulleys ensures reliable movement and eliminates belt slippage.


48 Series Indexing Timing Belt

General Information 

  • Standard AT10 Belts with M4 Female Brass Inserts
  • Standard Widths: 48mm (1.8”) to 117mm (4.6”)
  • Standard Lengths: 585mm (23”) to 11,000mm (433.1”)
  • Multiple Lane Single Drive Options Available
  • Available in No Drive, End Drive, Direct Drive, or Side Mount Configurations
  • Holds Loads up to 600 lbs.
  • 62mm Diameter Drive Pulleys
  • Speeds up to 300 FPM, Variable or Fixed Speed Options Available
  • Reversible


Frame Information 

  • Base Frame 48mm Extrusion
  • 48mm x 48mm Anodized Aluminum Frame
  • Dual 8.1mm T-slots along the Frame allowing for ease of mounting Stands, Side Rails, and Accessories
  • Strong Profile Ladder Frame Construction (prevents frame twisting)
  • HDPE Wear Strips
  • Clamp Bearings or Flush Mount Bearings (for tight spaces) Available
  • Sealed Bearings and Longer Holders (more take up)
  • Metric Fasteners

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