48 Series Modular Plastic Conveyors serve as versatile conveyor systems utilized in a range of material handling solutions. The Modular Plastic belts exhibit strong wear resistance in various scenarios and prove effective in tasks involving chemicals and elevated temperatures. These belts, made from plastic, consist of small segments or modules that can be easily replaced, eliminating the need for a complete belt replacement. Modular Plastic belts are available in a variety of belt materials and offer options such as cleats or high friction surfaces. Modular Plastic Conveyors are positively driven by sprockets, enabling them to manage higher load capacities. Each conveyor unit is meticulously pre-assembled and tested before shipping, guaranteeing exceptional quality.


Key Features and Components:


Customizability: Modular Plastic Conveyors are highly customizable. Users can select different types of plastic modules with varying shapes, sizes, and configurations to suit their specific application needs. This adaptability makes them suitable for a wide range of industries and product types.


Lightweight and Durable: The plastic materials used in Modular Plastic Conveyors are lightweight yet durable, ensuring a long service life while minimizing the overall weight of the conveyor system. This can result in lower energy consumption and reduced wear and tear on the components.


Hygienic and Cleanable: These conveyors are often preferred in industries such as food and pharmaceuticals due to their hygienic properties. They can be easily cleaned and sanitized to meet strict cleanliness standards.


Low Maintenance: This conveyor style requires less maintenance compared to traditional conveyors such as fabric belts. These positively driven systems do not require belt tensioning, and the modules can easily be taken apart for easy belt replacement. 


Application Diversity: Designed for use in various industries, including manufacturing, packaging, automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food/beverage, and more.

48 Series Modular Plastic Belt

General Information 

  • Standard Widths: 96mm (3.8”) to 1,239mm (48.8”)
  • Standard Lengths: 610mm (24”) to 11,000mm (433”)
  • Available in No Drive, End Drive, Direct Drive, Center Drive, or Side Mount Configurations
  • Multiple Lane Single Drive Options Available
  • Holds Loads up to 500 lbs.
  • Sprocket Driven
  • 19mm Nose Bar Option
  • Speeds up to 300 FPM, Variable or Fixed Speed Options Available


Frame Information 

  • Base Frame 48mm Extrusion
  • 48mm x 48mm Anodized Aluminum Frame
  • Dual 8.1mm T-slots along the Frame allowing for ease of mounting Stands, Side Rails, and Accessories
  • Strong Profile Ladder Frame Construction (prevent frame twisting)
  • HDPE Wear Strips
  • Belt Return Guarding
  • Clamp Bearings
  • Sealed Bearings and Longer Holders (more take up)
  • Metric Fasteners

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